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Recent Publications


  • "Optimal Stackelberg strategies for financing a supply chain through online peer-to-peer lending",  Guan-Zin Gao, Zhi-Ping Fang, Xin Fang, Yun Fong LIM, European Journal of Operational Research, 267(2), 2017.


  • "An extension of the Christofides heuristic for the generalized multiple depot multiple traveling salesmen problem",  Z. Xu, Brian RODRIGUESEuropean Journal of Operational Research, 257(3), 2017.
  • "Capacity Management in Agricultural Commodity Processing and Its Application in the Palm Industry", Onur BOYABATLI, Q. D. Nguyen, T. Wang, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 19(4), 2017.
  • "Closed-form Approximations for Optimal (r,q) and (S,T) Policies in a Parallel Processing Environment", Marcus ANG, Sigman K, Song J.S and Zhang H., accepted in Operations Research, 2017.
  • "Constrained Dual Representation of Coherent Risk Measures", Marcus ANG, Sun J. and Yao Q., accepted in Annals of Operations Research, 2017.
  • "Encouraging Help across Projects", Pascale CRAMA, Sting F., Wu Y., Management Science, forthcoming, 2017
  • "Licensing Contracts: Control Rights, Options and Timing", B. De Reyck, N. Taneri, Pascale CRAMAManagement Science, 63(4), 2017.
  • "Managing Production-Inventory Systems with Scarce Resources", Rowan WANG, S. Benjaafar, D. Chen, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 19(2), 2017.
  • "Quadratic Two-Stage Stochastic Optimization with Coherent Measures of Risk", Sun J., Liao L., Brian RODRIGUESMathematical Programming, forthcoming, 2017.
  • "On MX/G(M/H)/1 Retrial System with Vacation: Service Helpline Performance Measurement", Yeo W. M., Yuan X. M., Joyce LOWAnnals of Operations Research, 248(1), 2017.
  • "On the Design of Sparse but Efficient Structures in Operations", Yan Z., GAO Yini, Teo C.P., Management Science, forthcoming, 2017.
  • "Optimizing (s,S) Policies for Multi-period Inventory Models with Demand Distribution Uncertainty: Robust Dynamic Programming Approaches", R. Qiu, M.Sun, Yun Fong LIMEuropean Journal of Operational Research, 261(3), 2017.
  • "Performance of Cellular Bucket Brigades with Hand-off Times", Yun Fong LIMProduction and Operations Management, forthcoming, 2017.
  • "Resource Pooling and Allocation Policies to Deliver Differentiated Services," Zhichao ZHENG, Y.Zhong, M.C.Chou and C.P. Teo, Management Science, forthcoming, 2017
  • "Rewards Deferred, Not Denied: How Experienced Intermediaries Create and Signal Shared Value in Technology Licensing", Kotha R., Pascale CRAMA, Kim, P. Academy of Management Journal, forthcoming, 2017
  • "Single Sourcing versus Multisourcing: The Role of Effort Interdependence, Metric-Outcome Misalignment, and Incentive Design", Shantanu BHATTACHARYA, Alok Gupta and S. Hasija, Management Information Systems Quarterly (MISQ), forthcoming, 2017.


  • "A Semi-in nite Programming Approach to Two-stage Stochastic Linear Programs with High-order Moment Constraints", GAO Yini, Sun J. and Wu S.Y., Optimization Letters, pp.1-11, 2016.
  • "Ad Revenue Optimization in Live Broadcasting", D. Popescu, Pascale CRAMAManagement Science, 62(4), 2016.
  • "Electricity Trading and Negative Prices: Storage vs. Disposal", Yangfang ZHOU, A. Scheller-Wolf, N. Secomandi, S. Smith. Management Science, 62(3), 2016.
  • "Entry of Copycats of Luxury Brands", GAO Yini, Lim W.S. and Tang C., Marketing Science36(2), 2016.
  • "Inventory Management Based on Target-Oriented Robust Optimization", Yun Fong LIM, Wang C. Management Science, forthcoming, 2016.
  • "The Impact of Budget Constraints on Flexible versus Dedicated Technology Choice", Onur BOYABATLI, T. Leng, L. B. Toktay. Management Science, 62(1), 2016.
  • "The Impact of the Potential Entry of Copycats: Entry Conditions, Consumer Welfare, and Social Welfare.", GAO Yini, Lim W.S. and Tang C., Decision Sciences, 2016.


  • “A 3/2 Approximation algorithm for the multiple TSP with a fixed number of depots”,  Z. Xu, Brian RODRIGUESINFORMS Journal on Computing, 27(4), 2015.
  • "A Quay Crane System that Self-Recovers from Random Shocks", Yun Fong LIM, Zhang Y., Wang C., Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, 27(4), 2015.
  • "A Two-Item Two-Warehouse Periodic Review Inventory Model with Transshipment", Ramakrishna K.S., Sharafali MOOSA, Yun Fong LIMAnnals of Operations Research, 233(1) 1, 2015.
  • "Combating Strategic Counterfeiters in Licit and Illicit Supply Chains", S.H. Cho, Xin FANG, S. Tayur. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 17(3), 2015.
  • "Comparative Evaluation of Resource Cycle Strategies on Operating and Environmental Impact in Container Terminals", Lee B. K; Joyce LOW; Kim H. K., Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 41, 2015.
  • "Consignment Contracts with Revenue Sharing for a Capacitated Retailer and Multiple Manufacturers", Yun Fong LIM, Y. Wang, Y. Wu. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 17(4), 2015.
  • "Cost-reducing Innovation and the Role of Patent Intermediaries", Shantanu BHATTACHARYAS. Hasija, A. Agarwal, Production and Operations Management, 25(2), 2015.
  • "Electric Vehicles with a Battery Switching Station: Adoption and Environmental Impact", Buket AVCI, K. Girotra, S. Netessine. Management Science, 61(4), 2015.
  • "Pricing Information Goods: A Strategic Analysis of the Selling and Pay-per-use Mechanisms", Balasubramaniam S., Shantanu BHATTACHARYA, V. Krishnan, Marketing Science, 34(2), 2015
  • "Supply Management in Multi Product Firms with Fixed Proportions Technology", Onur BOYABATLIManagement Science, 61(12), 2015.


  • "A Comparison of Milestone-Based and Buyout Options Contracts for Coordinating R&D partnerships",  Shantanu BHATTACHARYA, V. Gaba, S. Hasija. Management Science, 61(5), 2014.
  • "A Universal Appointment Rule with Patient Classification for Service Times, No-Shows and Walk-Ins", T. Cayirli, Kum Khiong YANG, INFORMS Service Science, 6(4), 2014.
  • "Cellular bucket brigades on U-lines with discrete work stations", Yun Fong LIM, Y. Wu. Production and Operations Management, 23(7), 2014.
  • "Comparison as Incentive: Newsvendor Decisions in Social Context", Buket AVCI, Z. Loutfi, J. Mihm, E. Belavina, S. Keck. Production and Operations Management, 23(2), 2014.
  • "Designing Efficient Infrastructural Investment and Asset Transfer Mechanisms in Humanitarian Supply Chains", Shantanu BHATTACHARYA, S. Hasija, L. N. Van Wassenhove. Production and Operations Management, 23(9), 2014.
  • "Distributionally robust mixed integer linear programs: Persistency models with applications", X. Li, K. Natarajan, C. P. Teo, Zhichao ZHENGEuropean Journal of Operational Research, 233(3), 2014.
  • "Effects of Firm Resources on Airline Competitiveness", Joyce LOW, Lee B. K. Journal of Air Transport Management, 36(1), 2014.
  • "Joint Product Improvement by Client and Customer Support Center: The Role of Gain-Share Contracts in Coordination", Shantanu BHATTACHARYA, A. Gupta, S. Hasija, Informations Systems Research, 25(1), 2014.
  • "New Bounds for the Price of Anarchy under Nonlinear and Asymmetric Cost", Han D., Sun J., Marcus ANGOptimization, 63(2), 2014.
  • "Optimal Design of Multi-server Markovian Queues with Polynomial Waiting and Service Costs", by M. Parlar, Sharafali MOOSA, Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, 30(4), 2014.
  • "Robust Two-stage Stochastic Linear Programs with Moment Constraints.", GAO Yini, Kong L. and Sun J., Optimization63(6), 2014.
  • "Service Systems with Finite and Heterogeneous Customer Arrivals", Rowan WANG, O. Jouini, S. Benjaafar. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management16(3), 2014.
  • "Stability and Endogenous Formation of Inventory Transshipment Networks", Xin FANG and S. H. Cho. Operations Research, 62(6), 2014.
  • "The Role of Operations Executives in Strategy Making", Lieven DEMEESTER, A. De Meyer, J. Grahovac. Journal Of Operations Management, 32, 2014.


  • "A Petri net model for process platform-based production configuration", L. Zhang, Brian RODRIGUESJournal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 24(6), 2013. 
  • "Decision Support of Lead Time and Demand Variability Reduction", Xin FANG, Zhang C., Robb D.J., Blackburn J.D., Omega41(2), 2013.
  • "Evaluations of Port Performances from a Seaborne Cargo Supply Chain Perspective", Joyce LOW, Lam S. W., Tang L. C., Lan Z., Polish Maritime Research, 20(SI), 2013.
  • "New meta-heuristics for the resource-constrained project scheduling problem", Brian RODRIGUES, A. Lim, H. Ma, F. Xiao, Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, 25(1-2), 2013.
  • "On Properties of Discrete (r; q) and (s; T) Inventory Systems", Marcus ANG, Song J.S., Wang M., and Zhang H., European Journal of Operational Research, 229(1), 2013.
  • "On the Allocation of Exclusive-use Counters for Airport Check-in Queues: Static vs. Dynamic Policies", by M. Parlar, Brian RODRIGUES, Sharafali MOOSA, OPSEARCH, 50(3), 2013.
  • "Plant Networks for Processing Recyclable Materials", Lieven DEMEESTER, M. Qi, L. N. Van Wassenhove. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management15(4), 2013.
  • "Scheduling Arrivals to a Stochastic Service Delivery System Using Copositive Cones", Q. Kong, C. Y. Lee, C. P. Teo, Zhichao ZHENGOperations Research61(3), 2013. 
  • "Step By Step. The Benefits of Stage-based R&D Licensing Contracts", Pascale CRAMA, B. De Reyck, Z. Degraeve. European Journal of Operational Research, 224(3), 2013.


  • "A Network Prototype for Integrated Production-Distribution Planning with Non-Multifunctional Plants", Yuan X. M., Joyce LOW, Yeo W. M., International Journal of Production Research, 50(4), 2012.
  • "A Universal Appointment Rule In the Presence of No-Shows and Walk-Ins", T. Cayirli, Kum Khiong YANG, S. A. Quek. Production and Operations Management21(4), 2012.
  • "Aspirations, innovation, and corporate venture capital: A behavioral perspective", Gaba V., Shantanu BHATTACHARYAStrategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 6(2), 2012.
  • "Impact of Storage Assignment Decisions on a Bucket Brigade Order Picking Line", S Webster, R A Ruben, Kum Khiong YANGProduction and Operations Management21(2), 2012.
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