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Welcome to SMU Operations Management Group!

Faculty members in our group received Ph.D. degrees from top research universities. Many of us have won competitive research, teaching, and service awards. Our mission is to transform students to service better, to produce better, and to run businesses better. We are the Science of Better. We will teach you not just to deliver services and products, but to do it more efficiently and economically than your competitors. We will train you to become a valuable asset for any companies seeking to become leaders in today's global economy.

If you are an undergraduate student, start by taking our courses in Decision Analysis, Operations Management, Service Processes, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, High Performance Warehousing and Fulfilment, Logistics and Transportation Management, Managing Process Improvement, Sustainable Operations, Operations Strategy, Computer Simulation, and many other interesting and useful subjects. Please click here to see a short presentation that introduces the OM major and electives at SMU. You can also participate in a variety of events, such as industry talks, networking sessions, and company visits organised by the OM Society.

If you are planning to pursue a Ph.D. degree, you are welcome to apply to our Ph.D. in Business (Operations Management) programme. You will receive very rigorous training through our Ph.D. courses and will do top-tier research with our faculty members, who have been actively publishing in leading academic journals such as (in alphabetical order) Academy of Management Journal, Information Systems Research, INFORMS Journal on Computing, Journal of Operations Management, Management Science, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Marketing Science, Mathematical Programming, Operations Research and Production and Operations Management. You can learn more about our research from our recent publications. Furthermore, you will have many opportunities to interact with distinguished and aspiring scholars from leading research universities around the world through our research seminars and summer camps.

Last updated on 28 Nov 2017 .