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Alumni Profiles

LKCSB Alumni

Celeste Cheong

Celeste Cheong

  • Graduated Year 2006
  • Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing & Corporate Communication Double Major)
  • Group Account Director, Holmes and Marchant / Llyod Northover Yeang

I put my SMU experience on a mileage calculator and it scores! SMU prepares students well with a famous military saying: 'Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.'

Three key takeaways - Provides ammunition to corporate processes, jargons and their implications; Provides exposure to various leading industry leaders; Provides consultation for personal branding and career development from Day One.

Noel Liu

Noel Liu

  • Graduated Year 2006
  • Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing Major)
  • Head Relationship Management, Citibank at Work, Global Consumer Group, Citibank Singapore Limited

From a curriculum perspective, the content that was delivered went beyond textbook material. The project work, case studies and active discussions provided a diverse perspective and an environment that challenged norms and bridged new boundaries. The project work assigned allowed us to interact with corporate and senior management. That allowed us to match textbook knowledge with real corporate experience and current market environment. The opportunities to interact with senior management through lunch time talks and CEO series were most beneficial as they provided industry insights. The topics were well chosen and it helped me to see the world through their eyes and that broaden my perspective.

The curriculum also allowed me the explore other tracks such as sociology, human resource management, psychology. These courses helped me to form a more holistic view whenever I view things from a business and social perspective. As such, whenever I am at work, all my various faculties are at work whether social, political, economic and technological.

From a culture and environment perspective, SMU encouraged me to travel extensively to get a world view of things. This led me to two summer internships in US and Canada, one Business Study Mission, one OCIP and even one local exchange. In addition, the strong internship culture also egged me to do a total of 6 internships over my 3.5 years that spread over a wide discipline from Marketing to Finance to Human Resource.


Yeo Sueann

  • Graduated Year 2013
  • Bachelor of Business Management (Finance Major)
  • Global Investment Specialist, J.P. Morgan Chase Private Bank

SMU has a unique environment that encourages experimentation with different styles of learning to achieve more. The environment also cultivates an immense curiosity to find out what you are truly good at. The flexibility to determine everything, from your curriculum to internships, teaches you the importance of foresight and goal-setting. It makes for a more successful business graduate and making your mark in the corporate world.


Cavin Wong

  • Graduated Year 2009
  • Bachelor of Business Management (Finance & Marketing Double Major)
  • Associate (Cash Management for Financial Instiutions), Deutsche Bank

It is the entire SMU experience that really prepares us to step into the workforce. From the LKCSB school curriculum to the compulsory internship and community service programme — all these factors contribute to the unique SMU experience. Global employers are now looking for diverse all-rounders with the ability to think on their feet in this fast-paced society. That is what SMU has to offer.


Last updated on 18 Oct 2016 .