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Scholarships, Awards and LKCSB Students' Fund


SMU and LKCSB offer multiple scholarships for LKCSB undergraduates. Most are tenable for the full duration of a student’s studies, subject to good academic performance. Below are some of the many scholarships that LKCSB offers:

  • Lee Kong Chian Scholars’ Programme
  • Singapore Management University Scholarship
  • American Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
  • Jardine Cycle & Carriage Scholarship
  • ARA Asset Management Scholarship

For the full list of scholarships and details, please click here.



SMU students are recognised for their outstanding achievements in academics, community service and co-curricular involvement through awards sponsored by various organisations. Some of these awards are given automatically based on performance, others by application.               

Some of the awards specific to LKCSB include:

  • Standard Chartered Best First Year Business Student Award
  • NOL Best Final Year Business Student Award
  • Citigroup Best Second Year Finance Student Award
  • ING Finance Award
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore Academic Excellence Award

For the full list of awards and more details, please click here.


LKCSB Students’ Fund

The idea of the LKCSB Students’ Fund was mooted by Professor David B Montgomery, LKCSB Dean from 2003 to 2005. The objective is to provide for the welfare of needy LKCSB students, and at the same time, advance the school’s interests. This fund will be given out through:

  1. Assistance Programmes
  2. Awards


Assistance Programmes

  1. Emergency relief

This scheme addresses sudden financial needs that arise from emergencies and unexpected circumstances. Examples include an instance where a LKCSB student is injured and the family has financial needs for medical treatment or a sole breadwinner in a student's family encounters financial difficulty.

 Application is open all year round.

  1. Bursaries

Application is open from Week 1 to Week 2 of Term 2.

Before applying for this bursary, LKCSB students are strongly encouraged to look through the list of SMU-Administered Bursaries (CDC/CCC - University Bursary, MOE Bursary, SMU Bursary and SMU Financial Grant) found here.

The LKCSB Students' Fund is available to students who are doing the Bachelor of Business Management programme as their primary degree. Students who wish to apply to the fund may download the application form.



  1. Book prizes

 The faculty would like to recognise students who excel in the disciplines within the school and in core courses offered by the school by way of book prizes for selected courses. The prizes are book vouchers.


For further enquiries, you may email to and attention it to Ms Eliane Yeow.

Last updated on 26 Dec 2017 .