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Global Mindset

Global exposure is an integral part of the LKCSB learning experience because it is important to know how to engage and thrive in an international business environment. That is why SMU partners with universities globally to help students have the mind-shifting international experience that they want and need.


International Student Exchange Programme 

With over 200 partner universities in 48 countries, plentiful opportunities are presented to students to experience university life with different cultures, education systems and work practices around the world. Students can choose from big-league business schools like Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania or less conventional destinations like Turkey, Mexico and Eastern Europe. Students can be sure that every exchange programme will be a learning experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Business Study Mission

This unique programme packs in business seminars, cultural talks, study trips and networking with business leaders, senior executives and government officials, so as to give students a better understanding of a region’s cultural, social and business dynamics. The missions have taken students to the shores of South Korea, China, USA, Canada, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Summer Study Programme

The summer study programme enables students to spend four weeks at a designated top university on a low fee-paying basis. The programme runs from April to June and offers students the flexibility of packing in an overseas experience in between academic terms. Currently, the summer study programme is conducted with two partner universities — The University of British Columbia, Canada and University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Last updated on 31 Oct 2017 .