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SMU-SGX Quantitative Trading Course

The 2-day course hand-holds the beginners to go about trading futures by journeying from the basic to the intermediate level. Through hands-on trading experiments on a trading platform used by many professional traders, participants will learn the trade plied by disciplined traders who are able to trade futures for a (good) living. The course introduces a few simple quantitative trading strategies, demystifies “high-frequency” and “algorithmic” trading, presents practical methods to generate a “reference” price to gauge the market sentiment, and to gain a deeper understanding of how futures markets lean on each other for direction. More importantly, participants will know how to calculate the number of contracts per trade/position to achieve the optimal reward-to-risk ratio, as well as the optimal level to cut loss or to take profit.  At the end of this course, participants will acquire a well-grounded confidence and discipline to start trading futures contracts.

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