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Recent Publications



  • Yoshikawa, T. & Hu, H.W. Organizational Citizenship Behaviors of Directors: An Integrated Framework of Director Role-identity and Boardroom Structure. Journal of Business Ethics, forthcoming.
  • Zhu, H. & Yoshikawa, T. Contingent Value of Director Identification: The Role of Government Directors in Monitoring and Resource Provision in an Emerging Economy. Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming. 
  • Ertug, G., Yogev, T., Lee, Y., & Hedstrom, P. The art of representation: How audience-specific reputations affect success in the contemporary art field, Academy of Management Journal, forthcoming.

  • Cuili QIAN, Heli WANG, Xuesong GENG, and Yangxin YU, Rent appropriation of knowledge-based assets and firm performance when institutions are weak: A study of Chinese publicly listed firms, Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming.

  • Wang, H., Zhao, S., & He, J. Exogenous increase in takeover protection and firm knowledge accumulation strategy. Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming.

  • Cuypers, I., Koh, P.S., Wang, H. Sincerity in corporate philanthropy, stakeholder inferences and firm value. Organization Science, forthcoming.

  • Harney, S. & Moten, F. 'Mikey the Rebelator' Performance Research: a journal of the performing arts (Taylor and Francis Publishers), forthcoming.

  • Geng, X., Yoshikawa, T., & Colpan, A. Leveraging Foreign Institutional Logic in the Adoption of Stock Option Pay among Japanese Firms. Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming.

  • Tsui-Auch, L.S. & Yoshikawa, T., 2015 Institutional Change versus Resilience: A Study of an Incorporation of Independent Directors in Singapore Banks. Asian Business & Management, Vol. 14, No.2, pp.91-115.  

  • Choi, Y.R., Zahra, S.A., Yoshikawa, T., & Han, H., 2015. Family Ownership and R&D Investment:  The Role of Growth Opportunities and Business Group Membership. Journal of Business Research, Vol.68, No.5, pp.1053-1061. 

  • Liang TY, 2015.  Relativistic complexity, adaptive governance, and the intelligence leadership, Human Systems Management, 34 (3), 201-223 

  • Cuypers, I.R.P., Ertug, G., & Hennart, J.F., 2015. The effects of linguistic distance and lingua franca proficiency on the stake taken by acquirers in cross-border acquisitions. Journal of International Business Studies, 46(4), 429-442.

  • Yoo, S., Sawyer,O., Tan, Wee-Liang, 2015. The impact of exogenous and endogenous factors on external knowledge sourcing for innovation: The dual effects of the external environment, Journal of High Technology Management Research, Vol. 26 (1).

  • Ertug, G. & Castellucci, F. 2015. Who shall get more? How intangible resources and aspiration levels affect the valuation of resource providers, Strategic Organization, 13(1): 6-31.

  • Luo, X., Wang, H., & Raithel, S. 2015. Information bridge between corporate social performance and financial performance: The mediating role of stock analysts. Strategic Management Journal. 36(1): 123–136

    Book Chapters

  • Harney, S. & Moten, F. 'Michael Brown' boundary 2 (Duke University Press), forthcoming

  • Moten, F. & Harney, S. 'Indent (to serve the debt)' in Jackson, S. & Willsdon, J. (eds) Public Servants, New York: New Museum, forthcoming
  • Harney, S., 2015. 'Hapticality in the Undercommons' in Randy Martin (ed) The Routledge Companion to Art and Politics, Routledge: New York, 173-181.
  • Moten, F, & Harney, S., 2015. 'Al-Khwarridim, or Savoir Faire is Everywhere' in WhW Collective (eds) Really Useful Knowledge, Madrid: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia.
  • Tsui-Auch, L.S, Yang, J.J, & Yoshikawa, T., 2015. Change and Continuity in Corporate Governance Structures: A Study of Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. Changing Asian Business System. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, forthcoming. 
  • Seet P-S, Graves C., Tan, Wee-Liang, (accepted April 2015).  Inter-generational Transitions of Family Businesses using Private Equity – Lessons for China and Australia from Chinese Family-Owned Enterprises in Singapore. In Andressen, C. and Feng, L. (Eds.), China’s Changing Economy: Trends, Impacts and the Future.  Routledge. London. Routledge, London.


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