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Ranked 1st in Asia by Financial Times


Ranked 1st in Asia by Financial Times

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Master of Science in Wealth Management

In recent years, the proliferation of investment products and innovative financial services has contributed to the steady growth of wealth management as an attractive and lucrative service sector within the financial industry around the world. At the same time, rapid product development and technological advancements, changing needs of clients, and globalisation of businesses are posing new challenges for professionals in wealth management. There is an ever-growing need for professional education and training programmes to enhance the level of knowledge and professional services in wealth management, especially in the Asia Pacific region. The MSc in Wealth Management programme has been developed to cater to this need.

Complete within 12 months over five study blocks


First and only MSc in Wealth Management programme in Asia


Opportunities to intern in various financial institutes facilitated by WMI during the one-year period


Recognised by the CFA Institute and CAIA as a collaborative partner



Last updated on 30 Mar 2017 .

I enjoyed learning from distinguished professors, experienced practitioners, and also my classmates, who were from very diverse backgrounds.

I would absolutely recommend this programme to anyone who is inspired to have a career in wealth management/asset management/private banking, as well as those who want to gain more knowledge and upgrade their skills in these areas.

The Yale leg of the trip allowed us to experience Ivy League learning and we learnt about CDO's from people who were involved in cleaning up the mess which resulted from the 2008 financial crisis.

One of the big pluses of the programme is the exposure to a diversity of ideas as the result of course-mates of different nationalities, cultures and professional experiences.

Your lecturers and classmates will also be able to offer you insights across various industries which will, in turn, provide you with a realistic and holistic sense of the career paths ahead of you after the course.