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The vision of the Mindfulness Initiative @ SMU is to make a positive impact on individuals, organizations and society by engaging in research, education, and outreach on mindfulness. The initiative takes a secular and inclusive approach to mindfulness. It is scientific, evidence-based and open-minded towards both benefits and limitations of mindfulness and mindfulness training.


In pursuit of its vision, members of the Mindfulness Initiative @ SMU currently engages in and supports, or intends to do so in the future, various research, educational, and outreach projects and activities including the following.

Activities and Projects



  • Training PhD students
  • Conducting basic research on mindfulness in business and society
  • Conducting applied research on mindfulness-based interventions
  • Supporting such research through grants



  • Developing courses / modules on mindfulness
  • Offering ideas on integrating mindfulness into other courses
  • Training mindfulness teachers



  • Providing evidence-based mindfulness courses to organizations on topics such as
    • Mindful leadership
    • Mindfulness and productivity
    • Mindfulness and employee well being
    • Mindfulness and managing change
  • Providing information to organizations and the public on mindfulness research, especially on research supported by the centre.

Last updated on 16 Mar 2018 .