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Q.E.D. Society

Quantitative Finance


Formed in conjunction with the launch of the undergraduate Quantitative Finance programme in August 2006, QED has been established with the objective of inculcating cohesiveness and a sense of belonging among the Quantitative Finance majors, as well as to promote the knowledge of financial engineering and computational finance to interested members of the University.

Q.E.D is an abbreviation of the Latin Phrase “Quod Erat Demonstrandum” which literally means “which was to be demonstrated”. It is commonly used to indicate that something has been definitely proven.

With this is mind, Q.E.D is responsible for organising and planning for activities that will display and highlight the usefulness and practicality of Quantitative Finance, such as seminars conducted by industry experts and intra and inter school competitions. QED also undertakes the responsibility of exposing members of the SMU community to Quantitative Finance by encouraging participation in its activities.

The QED 11th Executive Committee comprises:

President: Joseph KANG Renjie
Vice-President: LOW Hao Hwee, Jefferson
Honorary General Secretary:  WONG Zhi Ying, Selina
Honorary Financial Secretary: LIM Son Eng
Events & Marketing (Marketing): AW Jia Yu, Jon
Events & Marketing (Events): Alexandr MESHKOV
Events & Marketing (Corporate Relations): TNAY Chong Kiang, Sean


For further queries or to contact QED Executive Committee, please email

Last updated on 14 Nov 2016 .