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Quantitative Finance

What is Quantitative Finance? Why quantitative? In the fast-paced world of finance, technological advances and regulatory requirements drive the banking industry to the point where mathematical and statistical modeling had already become a necessity. A talented person with strong quantitative skills is highly sought after by hedge funds and banks.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has targeted Quantitative Finance (QF) as a field to develop a pipeline of specialist leaders. Indeed, MAS recently set up the MAS Quantitative Finance Award to encourage more LKCSB students to major and excel in this exciting area.

With a QF major, you are in a good position to wow job interviewers and headhunters seeking to employ risk analysts, junior quant research strategists, and in time to come, specialist leaders. SMU's QF courses will let you see for yourselves how cool in can be that math can help an investment/trading firm in generating revenues while limiting its risk exposures. You will also learn to write computer codes to analyze data for risk management and for research in creating new quantitative trading strategies.

Moreover, you get hands-on trading experience with live-feed market data in a Simulated Trading Room that is unique to SMU. QF faculty members are practice-oriented with strong industry experience. You may get involved in real-life research projects with our industry partners.

Students from all other Schools as well as students from the Business School, who have a different first major, are able to take QF as a second major. If you graduate with excellent results, you stand a good chance to be admitted into SMU’s one-year Master of Science in Quantitative Finance programme, a specialized master programme designed to further enhance your skill and knowledge in this area.  Aspiring to a successful career in quantitative finance? Hesitate no longer, act now to benefit from these programmes SMU has to offer!

To find out more, check out this brief presentation.