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Welcome Message


Welcome Message from Associate Professor Jochen Reb, Area Coordinator for Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources

Welcome to the website for the SMU Ph.D. Programme in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources. You have come to this website because you are interested in research on OB and HR, research that examines the experiences of individuals and groups within organisations. Our OBHR faculty consists of professors who are dedicated to understanding and rigorously investigating some of the most fundamental, challenging, interesting, and important questions that exist surrounding the human experience in the workplace. Among us you will find scholars who study trust in the workplace, employee creativity, workplace emotions, work-life imbalance, negotiation and conflict management, leadership, performance appraisal, decision making, mindfulness, deviant behaviours, intercultural management, and organizational justice, and other fascinating topics.

Several factors combine to make us an attractive instituition for Ph.D. training. First, we are a productive group of scholars that publishes regularly in top-tier journals. This is a record that most any OBHR department at most any university would be proud of. This means that from day one in the programme, our Ph.D. students will be co-authoring and learning firsthand how to conduct research that is likely to be published in the field's top journals. Please visit the pages of our faculty to find out more about our research and publications: faculty 

Second, we are a very collegial group of scholars. We believe deeply in Ben Schneider’s dictum that “the people make the place.” We consciously work to maintain a positive and supportive culture, and we consider Ph.D. students an integral part of that culture. Third, because we are a relatively young faculty, we still vividly remember the experiences of earning a Ph.D. We know what worked and what didn’t work in our own Ph.D. programmes, and we recognise the huge investment it takes to train and mentor Ph.D. students. Having benefited from mentors in our own graduate studies, we now look forward to investing in the next generation of scholars.

Fourth, we recognise that quality in is important for quality out. We will admit only those students whom we believe have the potential to develop into scholars who can advance and disseminate knowledge to world-class standards. 

And fifth, our location in Singapore, a vibrant city-state at the crossroads of the many cultures and economies of Asia, provides scholars with an opportunity to identify and focus on very interesting, challenging, and globally relevant, managerial issues.

Please enjoy reading more about our programme and our research, and please don’t hesitate to contact any of us if you have any further questions.

Last updated on 18 Oct 2016 .