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OBHR Research Seminar Series


Research Seminar Series

19 March 2018
Chen-Bo Zhong

University of Toronto
Market Foresters Tolerance

23 February 2018
Madan Pillutla

London Business School
Gender Differences in Competition

2 February 2018
Lisa Leslie
New York University
On Melting Pots and Salad Bowls: A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Identity-Blind and Identity-Conscious Diversity Ideologies 

29 August 2017
Margaret Lee
London Business School
Discrimination against Attractive Candidates in Selection for Undesirable Jobs

9 May 2017
Jason D. Shaw
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Preliminary reports from the global field: The IMPACT Project

16 September 2016
Sun Young (Sunny) Lee
UCL School of Management
Gender Differences in Response to Competition with Same-Gender Coworkers: A Relational Perspective

24 June 2016
Stefan Diestal

International School of Management in Dortmund
Psychological costs of emotional labour and self-control at work

22 April 2016
Mariano Heyden
The University of Newcastle
The ‘crazy’ in our midst? The influence of individual and group schizotypal tendencies on creativity

24 March 2016

Chu-Hsiang (Daisy) Chang
Michigan State University
Costs of a stressful commute: Implications for work behaviors

22 March 2016
Russell Johnson
Michigan State University
When good leaders break bad: Moral licensing and ego depletion consequences of ethical leader behavior

25 February 2016
Ute Hülsheger
Maastricht University
Mindfulness in the Context of Work

12 February 2016
Scott J. Reynolds
Foster School of Business, University of Washington
Mindfulness and Moral Behavior in the Organization

24 November 2015
Hans-Dieter Evers
University of Bielefeld
Governing the South China Sea – Culture and Connectivity

13 November 2014
Gilad Chen
Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
Learning from Voice: When Member Voice Translates into Improved Team Learning and Performance

12 September 2014
Nicole Gillespie
UQ Business School, University of Queensland 
Trust in Self-Managed Teams: The Joint Effects of Team Composition and Emergent Interactional and Structural Processes

18 July 2014
Eugene Kim
Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology
Can Status Make You Thin? The Relationship between Status Change and Weight Change

28 February 2014
Jochen Runde
Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
Uncovering Unknown Unknowns: Towards a Baconian Approach to Management Decision-Making

7 February 2014
Alicia A. Grandey
The Pennsylvania State University
Emotional Labor at the Crossroads: Where have we been and where should we go?

10 January 2014
Theresa Glomb
Carlson School of Management,University of Minnesota
Building Positive Resources: Effects of Positive Events and Positive Reflection on Work-Stress and Health

1 March 2013
Roy Chua
Harvard Business School
The Costs of Ambient Cultural Disharmony: Indirect Intercultural Conflicts in Social Environment Undermine Creativity

23 January 2013
Kerrie Unsworth

University of Western Australia
Going Green: The Role of Goals

4 December 2012
Scott Highhouse

Bowling Green State University
Self Presentation Motives in Decision Making

9 November 2012
David De Cremer
China Europe International Business School, Shanghai
When, Why and How people Value Apologies: On Exploring the Psychology of Apologies in Trust Failures

6 March 2012
Natalia Karelaia

Identity Challenges of Women Leaders: Antecedents and Consequences of Identity Interference

23 February 2012
Kanchan Mukherjee

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India
Assessing the Chances of Success: Naive Statistics vs. Kind Experience 

25 March 2011
David Day

University of Western Australia
Integrative Leader Development: Charting and Understanding Developmental Trajectories

3 March 2011
Spencer H. Harrison

Caroll School of Management, Boston College
The Role of Hope in Organizing: The Case of The Andes Flight Disaster

19 January 2011
Karl Aquino

University of British Columbia
Third Parties' Reaction To Justice Failure: An Identity-Based Meaning Maintenance Model

7 January 2011
Richard John Gentry

University of Mississippi
Performance Relative To Security Analysts' Earnings Forecasts, Analyst Coverage, and Firm R&D Intensity

4 November 2010
Carol Kulick

University of South Australia
Effectively Managing A Diverse Workforce: Is Good Diversity Management Just Good Management?

30 June 2010
Michael A. Hitt

Texas A&M University
Emerging Markets' Institutional Environments and Firm Strategies

3 June 2010
Joseph F. Porac

New York University
Fallen CEOs: Matthew and Martha Status Dynamics in the Upper Echelon of Organizations

12 May 2010
Christian Troester
Erasmus University
Bridging Faultlines: The Effect of Team Network Structure and Faultlines on Team Performance

18 February 2010
Marcel Zeelenberg
Tilburg University
What Is Moral About Moral Emotions?

26 January 2010
Terence R. Mitchell
University of Washington
Organizational Attachment: Why People Leave and Why They Stay

21 January 2010
Michele J. Gelfand
Department of Psychology, University of Maryland
Culture and social situations: A multilevel analysis of situational constraint across 35 nations

23 March 2009
Martin Kilduff
Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
Brokering Trust to Enhance Leadership: A Self-Monitoring Approach to Leadership Emergence

16 March 2009
Russell S. Cropanzano
Eller College of Management, University of Arizona
Intraunit Justice Climate: Development and Validation of a New Construct

28 January 2009
Markus Baer
John M. Olin School of Business, Washington University in St. Louis
Win or Lose the Battle for Creativity: The Power and Perils of Intergroup Competition

3 September 2008 (Joint seminar with NUS Business School)
Cecily D. Cooper

Department of Management, University of Miami
How the Guilty Regain Trust: The Role of Accounts, Actions, and Attributions

5 June 2008
Miguel A. Quinones

Department of Management and Organizations, Edwin L. Cox School of Business
Explaining Differences in Reactions to Organizational Change: The Role of an Individual's Stage of Change

4 June 2008
Steven L McShane

The University of Western Australia
Reconstructing the Meaning and Multidimensionality of Voice in the Exit-Voice-Loyalty-Neglect (EVLN) Model

2 May 2008
Riki Takeuchi

Management of Organizations Department, School of Business and Management, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Social Information Processing Model of Organizational Justice: Moderating Effects of Informational Justice

24 March 2008
Blake Ashforth

Department of Management, W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University
Organizational Sacralization and Sacrilege

7 January 2008
Michael Frese

Department of Psychology, University of Giessen
Entrepreneurship and Personal Initiative: Individual Contributions to Organizational Growth and Development

2 November 2007
Richard Arvey

Department of Management and Organization, NUS Business School, National University of Singapore
Genetic and Environmental Components of Leadership Role Occupancy

26 October 2007
John Cordery

UWA Business School, The University of Western Australia
Contextual Influences on the Effectiveness of Team-based Work Designs

4 April 2007
Terry Connolly

Management and Organizations Department, Eller College, University of Arizona
The Power of What Might Have Been: Regret and the Shaping of Decisions

20 March 2007
Sandra Robinson

Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Division, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Reactions to Territorial Infringement

5 March 2007
Kwok Leung

Department of Management, City University of Hong Kong
Methods and Design for International Management Research

12 February 2007
Neal M. Ashkanasy

UQ Business School, University of Queensland
Research on Emotion in Organizations: A Multilevel Perspective

13 November 2006
James M Diefendorff

Department of Psychology, College of Arts & Sciences, University of Akron
The Relations of Motivational Traits with Workplace Deviance

23 October 2006
Filip Lievens

Department of Personnel Management, Work & Organizational Psychology, Ghent University
Assessment Centers: Recent Research Developments and Future Prospects

28 September 2006
Daniel McAllister

Department of Management & Organisation, NUS Business School, National University of Singapore
Disentangling Role Perceptions: How Perceived Role Breadth, Discretion, Instrumentality and Efficacy Relate to Helping and Taking Charge

4 April 2006
W. Richard Scott

Department of Sociology, Stanford University
Institutional Theory: Foundations, Elaboration and Recent Developments

28 March 2006
W. Richard Scott

Department of Sociology, Stanford University
Organising for the 21st Century

21 March 2006
Zhang Zhi-Xue

Department of Organisational Management, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University , Beijing
Effects of Negotiators' Reference Points and Perspective-taking on the Process and Outcome of Dyadic Negotiation

13 March 2006
Jiing-Lih (Larry) Farh

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Individual-level Cultural Values as Moderators of Perceived Support-Employee Outcomes Relationships in China : Comparing the Effects of Power Distance and Traditionality

7 March 2006
Professor Cynthia D. Fisher

Workshop: Experience Sampling Research: An Introduction to Rationales, Methods, and Opportunities

6 March 2006
Professor Cynthia D. Fisher
Bond University
Within-Person Variation Over Time: A Neglected Level in Organisational Research

27 February 2006
Dean Tjosvold

Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Making Conflict Productive: Can Asian Values Contribute?

16 January 2006
Jeffrey Pfeffer

Tommie Goh Professor in Entrepreneurship & Business at Singapore Management University (Visiting), Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Organisational Behaviour in the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University
The Dominance of Economic Theory and Its Effects: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and the Effect of Theory

6 May 2005
Denise Rousseau

Carneige Mellon University
I-Deals-Idiosyncratic Terms in Employment Relationships

29 April 2005
Kenneth Law

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
The Antecedents and Consequences of Successful Localisation in the PRC

4 April 2005
Barbara Lawrence

University of California, Los Angeles
Organisational Reference Groups: A Missing Perspective on Social Context  

4 March 2005
Lin Yimin

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Sweatshop and Beyond: Authority Relations in Domestic Private Enterprises in China

28 February 2005
Emily Nason

University of California, Los Angeles
Uncertainty & Fairness Judgments: The Role of Information Ambiguity

6 December 2004
Giles Hirst

Aston Business School, Aston University
When Things Go Wrong: Identifying Factors Which Moderate the Relationship between Goal Frustrating Events and Learning and Creativity

17 November 2004
Steven L. McShane

Graduate School of Management, University of Western Australia
Emerging Cross-Cultural Issues in Organisational Behaviour

24 September 2004
Don Ferrin

Singapore Management University
Effectiveness of Corporate Leaders' Trust Repair Efforts'

17 September 2004
Scott Highhouse
Bowling Green State University
Future Job Seekers' Images of Well-Known Firms

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