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The Introduction to Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training for

Leaders and Individuals in the Workplace course is a training program

especially designed for leaders and individuals in the workplace and

addresses specifically a non-clinical population.

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Breathworks Workshops

We are organising two workshops, conducted by by world-renowned

Mindfulness teachers and Founders of Breathworks, Vidyamala Burch

and Sona Fricker, who have over 30 years of experience in teaching

Mindfulness around the world.

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Stressors are a common fact of life. In this well-researched MBSR course,

you will discover how you can reduce and prevent stress in your own life

through formal and informal mindfulness practices.

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Mindfulness Based
Leadership development

The MBLD course introcuces particiapnts to formal and informal

mindfulness practices targeted specifically at the challenges and

opportunities of leading in organizations. 

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In this video, Prof Jochen shows his research on mindfulness 

and how it makes a positive impact on individuals, organizations

and society.

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Stop. Take a breath. Just observe the natural flow of your breath,

letting go of anything that’s on your mind for a few minutes. Now,

read on to hear more about the long-term benefits of mindfulnes.

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Mindfulness Initiative @ SMU collaborates with organizations on

mindfulness-based training and research. We offer both training-only

and training-research-integrated programmes.


Contact us at to discuss your needs.

Mindfulness Initiative @ SMU

The Mindfulness Initiative @ SMU offers and collaborates on several exciting programmes in an effort to make secular mindfulness-based approaches more widely accessible.  Learn more about these programmes here.

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SMU Faculty, in collaboration with colleagues from around the world, have been engaging in rigorous research on mindfulness. Access published papers, volunteer as research participant, or see how your organization can collaborate with Mindfulness Initiative @ SMU on secular mindfulness-based programs.

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Last updated on 28 Nov 2017 .


Jochen Reb is Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources at SMU’s Lee Kong Chian School of Business as well as Director of the Mindfulness Initiative @ SMU. He has been conducting research on mindfulness in the context of work and leadership for over a decade and is the editor of a recent book on Mindfulness in Organizations. In this video, Prof Jochen shares how his research on mindfulness and how it makes a positive impact on individuals, organizations and society. He also founded the Mindfulness Initiative @ SMU and collaborates with organizations on mindfulness-based training.

In this podcast, Associate Professor Reb shares his research which found that mindful employees feel less emotionally exhausted, and as a result perform better and have lower turnover intentions. He urges companies to invest in mindfulness training and initiatives, especially given the substantial scientific evidence for the significant benefits that they can bring at a relatively low cost. Read more