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Research Seminars - Year 2017

10 November 2017
S. Viswanathan
Professor of Operations Management
Nanyang Technological University
"Inventory Rationing in Service Parts Logistics"

9 October 2017
Jing Wu
Assistant Professor
City University of Hong Kong
"Credit Event Contagion in Supply Chains"

15 September 2017
Enver Yucesan
Professor of Technology and Operations Management
"Diffusion of Competing Rumors in Social Media"

8 September 2017
John Birge
Jerry W. and Carol Lee Levin Distinguished Service Professor of Operations Management
University of Chicago
"Dynamic Learning in Strategic Pricing Games"

11 July 2017
Saif Benjaafar
Distinguished McKnight University Professor
University of Minnesota
"Labor Platforms for On-Demand Services: Implications for Profit, Consumer Surplus, and Labor Welfare"

12 June 2017
Yael Grushka-Cockayne
Associate Professor of Business Administration
University of Virginia
"Bayesian Ensembles of Binary-Event Forecasts"

26 May 2017
Nicholas G. Hall
Professor of Management Sciences and Integrated Systems Engineering
The Ohio State University
"Project Management: Incentive Design and Work Package Planning"

11 April 2017
Ville Satopää
Assistant Professor of Technology and Operations Management
"Collecting Information from Multiple Forecasters: Inefficiency of Measures of Central Tendency"

7 April 2017
Renyu (Philip) Zhang
Assistant Professor of Operations Management
New York University Shanghai
"Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Management under Network Externalities"

31 March 2017
Zhenyu Hu
Assistant Professor
National University of Singapore
"Stable and Monotonic Allocation in Risk Pooling Problems"

24 February 2017
Peng Hu
Associate Professor
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
"Dynamic Inventory and Markdown Decisions for Perishable Goods with Strategic Consumer Behavior"


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