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The OBHR Major


About the OBHR Major

The OBHR major develop skills to understand and influence employees and organisations through human resource solutions. Students will gain knowledge regarding managing talent, directing organisational change and playing an active role in strategic decision-making. This major gears students for careers in human resources consulting, organisational development or corporate human resources. 

This major is designed to provide three distinct but complementary opportunities for SMU students .

(1) First and most specifically, students interested in a career in Human Resource Management will be able to take classes of their choice (e.g., Performance Management and Compensation; Personnel Selection; Training and Development).

(2) Second and more generally, the OBHR faculty have noted that students at SMU tend to devote a large portion of their studies to acquiring technical skills. While these technical skills are important for developing optimal solutions to problems, a range of organisational skills is extremely valuable for getting these solutions accepted and implemented within an organisation. Accordingly, students will be able to take a range of OB courses (e.g., Cross-Cultural Management; Knowledge Management; Leadership Skills and Practices; Negotiation Skills for Business; Organisational Change and Design; Consulting; High Performance Team Management; Contemporary Theories of Leadership).

(3) Finally, students preparing for graduate studies in OB or HR will be able to choose courses that are most relevant to their future studies.


Why should you take courses in OBHR? Consistent with our objectives in designing the major, we believe you should take OBHR courses if (a) you are interested in a career in HR, (b) you think you might be interested in graduate studies in OB and/or HR, (c) you want to develop your organisational skills to set yourself apart from others who have similar technical skills, and/or (d) you simply are interested in these topics.

OBHR is recommended as a major to students interested in a career in Human Resources Consulting or Corporate Human Resources in companies ranging from SMEs to government nonprofit organisations to global MNCs. Such students will take courses that expose them to cutting edge research and practices across a range of areas in human resources including performance management and compensation, training and development, and personnel selection. We aim to produce graduates who have the potential not only to administer human resource solutions, but also to be an expert on talent management and part of the strategic decision making process of their organisations.

An OBHR major is also recommended for students who would like to gain insights, analytical abilities, and strategies to effectively lead and navigate their organisations throughout their career. Such students will take courses that expose them to cutting-edge research and practices in areas such as organisational change, leadership, negotiation, decision making, team leadership and cross-cultural management. These courses provide advanced leadership and organisational skills that will enable them to better leverage the technical skills acquired in majors such as Marketing, Finance, Operations Management, Accounting, and Information Systems. Accordingly, the OBHR major is particularly recommended to students seeking a double major.



The list below serves as a general guideline to fulfilling the OBHR major; to have the most updated and accurate list of OBHR courses offered and their course attributes -
Please go to OASIS > Coursed & Scheduled > Browse Catalogue.

Alternatively, you can go
Admissions & Programmes > Course Catalog > Course Catagoulue > View Class Section

Compulsory courses:

1. OBHR001 Leadership and Team Building (University Core)
2. OBHR002 Ethics and Corporate Responsibility (University Core)
3. OBHR101 Management of People at Work (Business Core)
4. OBHR201 Human Capital Management (OBHR Core)

Five OBHR Electives from the following:

OBHR202 Performance Management and Compensation
OBHR203 Personnel Selection
OBHR204 Training and Development
OBHR211 Governing, Managing & Protecting Knowledge in Organisations
OBHR212 Cross-Cultural Management & the Management of Diversity
OBHR215 Organisational Change & Design
OBHR220 Working and Leading in High-Performance Teams
OBHR222 Business Negotiation & Conflict Management 
OBHR224 Human Capital Strategy
OBHR225 Technology Solutions for Human Resources
OBHR228 The Psychology of Managerial Decision Making
OBHR229 Talent Management
OBHR231 Mosaic of Leadership
OBHR232 Legal Environment and Employment Relations
OBHR300 Human Resources Analytics

Please note that the list of OBHR electives provided here is not exhaustive. Also, the curriculum will be updated from time to time. For more details, you can refer to the School's website at

Last updated on 11 Jan 2018 .