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Is the path of marketing for you?

What marketing positions are out there?

How do I get the career I want?

These are the questions we answer at SMU Marketing Society ("SMARKETING"). Established in 2010, we have since established the society as the go-to platform for you to navigate the marketing industry. We seek to spark engaging conversations, create exciting opportunities, and empower future marketers.

The marketing function spans a long list of industries, and we seek to connect our members with its many different aspects – product and brand management, service design and management, selling and salesforce management, marketing research and analytics, advertising and public relations.

The marketing function is also ever-changing in the digital age, and we at SMARKETING stay on top of new industry buzzwords – like programmatic buy, ZMOT, CPC, etc. – and familiarize our members with them via workshops and case competitions.

Check us out on our Facebook and LinkedIn for what’s on.


Examples of SMARKETING Activities

1) Marketing Networking Night (MNN)
MNN is our signature, biannual event for SMU students to connect with marketing professionals from a wide range of industries on a massive scale. Past companies have included the likes of Google, MasterCard, Expedia, GroupM, Unilever, P&G, Scoot, Ogilvy, BBDO, and many more.

2) Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Mentorship programme
In partnership with the APAC CMO Council, this initiative is a year-long program where students have the rare opportunity to be mentored by Chief Marketing Officer-level executives with an incredible wealth of experience. The objective of the mentorship is to provide the mentee guidance for his career path, pick up the necessary skills, and gain industry connections while still in school.

3) Industry Events
We provide our members with exclusive complimentary invitations to huge industry events, such the Institute of Advertising Singapore (IAS)’ APPIES 2015 awards and the Asia’s Customer Festival (ACF) 2015. These industry events attract senior marketers from all over Asia and usually cost up to $2000 to attend. In 2015, we were also honoured to be invited to speak at a millennial panel at the Asia’s Customer Festival.


Last updated on 26 Jan 2016 .